“The gin tonic has saved more lives and minds of English men than all the doctors in the country.” Winston Churchill.

Know the best recipes and enjoy your ideal cocktail, the main ingredient is provided by us: Zayt Gin, the authentic olive gin. 

 Botella Zayt Gin

 How to make a good Gin Tonic?

First of all, the glass, the gin and the tonic must be cold. Gins have a freezing point below -20ºc, so they can be left in the freezer at home without problems. On the other hand, tonics should be around 5ºc, since below that temperature there is a risk of freezing when serving.

If you do not have chilled glasses, this can be solved by putting ice in the glass and swirling it with an imperial spoon until the walls of the glass are frosted. At this point, remove the melted water.

Secondly, with the glass cold and filled to the top with ice, we introduce the Zayt gin. It is very important to get 1/5 part of our glass to be gin and 4/5 parts of tonic. This is easily controlled with a jigger. Normally, although 5cl are usually introduced for a Gin Tonic, the measures can vary between 4cl and 6cl. For example, a Gin Tonic for an aperitif, will be softer and we will elaborate it shorter of gin, than another one for an after-dinner drink.

To give an aromatic touch to our Gin Tonic, juniper is a basic ingredient.

It is important not to use more than two botanicals per glass because botanicals are already used in the distillation of gin, and these can mask the real flavor of our gin, which in this case is why Zayt Gin stands out. 

Finally we will give a citric touch by means of a twist, contributing a first very pleasant aroma. The smell of a good green lemon is a prelude to enjoyment.

The citrus can be added at the beginning, before adding the gin, so that the glass is impregnated with the aroma, but we can also choose to do it at the end, so that the aromatic oils remain on the surface of our Gin Tonic. In case you do not have fresh citrus, you can also use cocktail flavoring. Do you want to see the result?

Gin Tonic con Zayt Gin


Ginger Zayt:

  1. By direct method in glass, add 40 ml of Zayt Gin
  2. 20 ml of Montilla-Moriles wine
  3. 40 ml cranberry juice
  4. Top Ginger Ale
  5. Serve in Collins High Ball glassware and with cube ice.
  6. Garnish with blueberry skewer and lime twist.


Ginger Zayt Gin


Zayt Smash:

  1. Using the cocktail shaker method, add 45 ml of Zayt Gin.
  2. 30 ml lemon juice
  3. 20 ml sugar syrup
  4. 2 basil leaves
  5. Serve in On the rock glassware, with Pilé ice.
  6. Garnish with basil tip and dehydrated lemon.


Zayt Smash